Vinnie R's Italian Restaurant


Served during lunch and upon request anytime.


Chicken Wingettes – Buffalo Style
10 Wingettes for 9.99

Lunch Pizza

8 Inch Mini-Pizza
Plain Cheese 6.99 One Regular Topping 7.99

6 Inch Mini-Pizza
Plain Cheese 4.49

Mini-Stromboli or Mini-Calzone

One regular topping

Oven-Baked Subs
Include chips and a pickle spear.

Specialty Chicken or Eggplant Parmesan Sub
Marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese with chips and a pickle 9.99

Vinnie’s Sub Selections
6.99 or get 2 of the same sub as a large for 12.99

Meatballs in marinara covered with mozzarella cheese

Hot Italian Sausage
Spicy marinara sauce, green peppers, onions, covered with mozzarella cheese

Philly Steak and Cheese
Green peppers, onions, provolone, mayo

“THE Original” – You Choice: Cold or Oven-Baked Sub
Canadian Bacon, pepperoni, and Salami with lettuce, tomato, onion, provolone, and mayo