Vinnie R's Italian Restaurant

Our History

In 1985……Vinnie R’s was founded in Newnan, Georgia as C&D Pizzeria and originally located on HWY 29 North in the present location of a ‘new’ gas station with a stop light. In 1989 we, Paulette & Dan, purchased the business while located by Farmers Furniture on Bullsboro Drive.

In 1991 we moved C&D’s to the old Belk’s Shopping Center [now Food Depot] and had dine-in, take-out, delivery. C&D continued to grow and make a name for itself.

In 1996……..we moved the restaurant to Highway 34 East & changed the name to “Vinnie R’s — New York Italian Restaurant.” “Vinnie” is taken from Dan’s middle name and his Dad’s first name Vincent. “R” is taken from our last name Rollant. We also changed the name because we served much more than pizza — Great pasta, “YANKEE” subs, salads.

In May 1999 we opened Vinnie R’s Express, also in Newnan, on HWY 29 North. Located in the former OLD Madras country store, this location had been everything from a post office to a gas station to a hardware/feed store. It served many loyal OLD customers from the ORIGINAL C&D HWY 29 days as well as new comers. The Express was pick-up and delivery only. [In 2003 the store had been leveled]

In 2002 both sites were sold to a local Newnan family whose son now ran the businesses until a 2010 when they closed.

In 2003…… Dan, after a year in “retirement” and traveling with Paulette as she taught internationally and nationally, decided he missed “the business.” Paulette agreed and missed “NOT cooking at home.”

So in February 2004 a “New Vinnie R’s” was born. There was a year of building the restaurant with bumps and hiccups.

In January 2005 we finally opened the door here at Navarre with a practice run for the St. Sylvester Catholic Church building fund and continue to have this dinner for donations every last week in January!

We are now going on 12 years old!

Sadly in December 2011 Mr. Vinnie – also known as “Mr. Dan” died unexpectedly. However, Mrs. Vinnie, Paulette, continues to own and run Vinnie R’s. A Dan Rollant Memorial Fund in Dan’s honor has been set up at the Navarre High School Baseball Booster Club for support of the baseball field and yearly scholarships for a few graduating baseball players. Dan and Paulette loved baseball to spend many days at Spring Training games. If you come by to dine, be sure to stop by to see a Memorial Wall set up in the restaurant to highlight Mr. Vinnie’s favorite activities of napping, baseball, fishing and reading the paper & catching the “Great Grouper” that matches his shirt!

Vinnie R’s has always and will continue to serve food with only the finest & freshest ingredients. We prepare our sauces from scratch. We mix, weigh, and roll our dough here daily. Many ingredients such as our olive oil and pasta noodles are imported directly from Italy.

We look forward to making new friends -- “Regulars” and “Family Visitors” – for many years to come.

We hope you feel “at home” when you are here & your kids enjoy writing on the chalk board [the ONLY one in an Italian restaurant in the USA], coloring or drawing on the tables while dining. We have the lighted clock above the entrance to remind you that it is – "Time to Visit and Relax at Vinnie R’s!”